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I Was Scared By How She Was Washing This Baby… Then I Realized How Amazing It Is!

Your baby is the most precious thing that has happened in your life and you want the best for him. You want to pamper him, indulge him, provide the best care and attention. When your baby is born you simply can’t get enough of starring at his little eyes, cheeks, fingers and toes and you want to be with him and never let go. One special moment of bonding is the bathing time and we want to give our baby the best experience possible. One nurse from Paris named Sonia Rochel uses a revolutionary new technique for bathing the babies which makes this moment even more special.

At first when you see how she bathes the baby you might feel uncertain and even scared by her approach, but when you see how relaxed, calm and happy the baby looks you’ll agree that this may be the best technique ever. Watch the video below and see the most relaxed baby in the world thanks to nurse Rochel’s unbelievable skills. This will surely be the cutest thing you’ve seen all day!

Tip: You shouldn’t try this specialized technique that the nurse in the video is using on your own because she is a trained professional and she started doing this technique of bathing the babies after many years of research and observation.